Steve Yates aka Bif

Partner to Katrina, father to Lydia and Frances, brother to Julian and Alison, friends and work colleagues too many to mention. Annoyingly talented in almost everything he did. He was taken from us far too soon.

If you wish to leave comments, memories, condolences, please do so by commenting on this page.

In addition, I have started a goFundMe page as I know people feel that maybe they want to contribute something other than flowers. The link is

Also, there is a live stream of the service being set up. To register, go here


7 thoughts on “Steve Yates aka Bif”

  1. Joseph Harfouch said:

    I worked with Steve long time ago when I first joined IBM many years ago and I was always impressed with his knowledge, work ethics and his willingness to help others. I was looking forward to work with him again when I joined 21st century software and was shocked to hear the sad news about this tragic accident. My condolences to his family in these difficult times.


  2. Domenico D'Alterio said:

    I will never forget Steve … I worked with him from 2017 to early 2019, so not a long time, however I was impressed by his knowledge and even more by his attitude to help and to support a person like me not very technical and expert of the product. We exchanged hunders of email before having the opportunity to meet face to face, the first time in London in a conference, than in Perth, first time for me in Australia. I will never forget Steve and I will love to remember him from time to time as a way to keep him still with me and with us. Meeting him in person was so effective and I was able to appreciate even the person on top of the professional. He was a great person, I enjoyed the time spent with him … and I was shocked when I got the bad news … far too soon. My condolences to his family and his friends and people who loved him in these difficult times.


  3. Dear Katrina, dear Lydia and Frances, we are so very sorry that you have lost your partner and father. We wish we were back home in Alice Springs right now, but from afar we join you and our beautiful Alice Springs community at this very difficult time to grieve for Steve. Love, Russell and Pip


  4. Lisa Klemens said:

    I’ve worked with Steve at 21st Century Software for the past three years. I’d only known him a short time, but I did have the pleasure of meeting him once when he came to the US to present at a technical conference with the team. Steve immediately impressed me as such a genuine person, I liked him right away. And then I learned how incredibly smart he was, and I came to admire and respect him as a colleague. He was a rare individual, in all the best ways, and his absence will be felt for a long time to come. My deepest sympathies to Steve’s family, friends and colleagues, may you find comfort in your memories.


  5. Anna Waghorn said:

    I met Steve in 1995 when I was working for IBM. We even lived on the same street in North Perth for a period of time. Steve loved reading, so we became friends. I worked closely with Steve over 25+years at IBM.
    I am a writer, but am lost for words right now. My thoughts go to his lovely wife and girls. He will live on in you, with you.


  6. Michael Smith said:

    I had the pleasure of the occasional high-speed ride down the hills with Steve and others. I would struggle to keep up. So sorry that you are gone, Steve. Peace and blessings on your family, friends and the cycling community. You will be missed.


  7. Steve was one of my Aussie cousins. We met rarely first when we were kids when the family visited the UK, then in 1979 when I came to Perth. I remember his pleasure when I helped him build a guitar amplifier, his grin as it was loud, real loud. Over the years Steve would just turn up at my front door always a wonderful surprise when he needed a bed before returning to Australia after his travels.

    The last time we met was on his trip to London for work. It was always the same we just picked up where we left off. We kept in touch via Facebook (his Furry Galactic handle fooled me the first time I got his friend request). Through Facebook I followed his adventures and watched his lovely family grow.

    I have never met Katrina, Lydia or Frances and I can’t begin to imagine how they are feeling at the moment. Steve was a caring, friendly, fun loving, intelligent bloke and this tragic accident has cruelly taken away a special person.

    To Katrina, Lydia and Frances my sincere condolences, my thoughts and prayers are with you. To Steve, rest well, God bless, I will miss you especially your calling us the “UK rellies”. With love your Cousin David and my wife Jane.


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