The Club Ciclistico Coglioni tipping competition is like no other tipping contest. You give me $10 and you get a team of 8 randomly(ish) allocated riders in your team. Depending on where they finish on each day/stage you get some points. The person with the most points after 3 weeks wins $180. Just to mess with you, there are 2 redraws, one on each rest day. So even if you get a rubbish team for week one, you might be back in the game on week 2 or 3. To keep it fun there are a number of prizes on offer throughout the race as well.

It’s not really about the prizes though. In 2017 we had 255 people taking part allowing me to make fantastic donations to charities. 2017 saw just over $4000 to PMH and Save the Children. 2018 is looking even better with 277 participants one day before the cut off.

I would like to continue with these donations. If you are entering feel free to enter a charity team as well, as they may win the big prize.