In what was to become another transition stage that looked like it would not involve the GC team, Sky decided to make the news a different way. Gianni Moscon lashed out at Furtuneo-Samsic’s Elie Gesbert. With Boxer Bohani not selected for the tour this year it was difficult to see who was going to win the Tool of the Tour prize, something that is generally a given for Bouhani. But Moscon stepped up and showed his true colours in the first kilometer of the race. He has a reputation, having got off with allegedly knocking off Sebastien Reichenbach last year, causing him to fracture his elbow. In an incident that shows that no good deed goes unpunished, Moscon allegedly knocked Reichenbach off in retaliation of him dobbing Moscon in for racially abusing Kevin Reza, something he admitted to and served a Sky imposed 6 week ban for. In any normal workplace this behaviour would not be tolerated, so if Sky want to save some semblance of credibility he needs to be sacked in my opinion.

In the race, a break went away, everyone else had a cruisie ride through the beautiful French countryside, and Magnus Cort-Nielsen won a 3-up sprint. Thanks Gianni for giving me something more interesting to write about.

So today is prize day in the tipping comp. Sicknote 3 managed to hold on to top spot for the Rest Day prize of $30. Heartthrobs09 swapped places with Sam Green Machine to take the $20 over Sammies $10. What is more exciting is the movement at the bottom of the table. The previous day stagnation, was replaced by a lot of movement, with K-man (Kieran)knocking Il Papa out of the Lantern Rouge spot. Todays big mover mention goes to Chuck Charity 15.

Rest Day redraw today. So look out for your new teams later today. Announcement will follow.