I have to admit I had written Bling Matthews off in his chase for the Green jersey, but he is doing his best to animate that competition, taking a maximum of 50 points in yesterdays stage. Looking at the profile over the next 3 days he certainly has a chance to collect more points over Kittel. The question will be will he have enough as Kittel is sure to pull everyone’s legs off in Paris, that is if he is still in the race after tonight’s Galibier stage.

As for the sprint, it looked clean enough to me, not really sure what the copper is moaning about. They came off a bend and sure Bling looked to squeeze Dege towards the barriers, but I reckon I could have got my fat ass through the gap Matthews left for him. Commissars said it was clean, and of course the haters on the blogs all have their conspiracy theories. I think they will kiss and make up once the disappointment has subsided for Dekenkolb.

I feel I have been quite lenient on Tommo this year. Normally I have had Phil and Paul to satisfy my frustrations with their inept commentary. Matt and Robbie have certainly not made many mistakes. Even Tommo has not been too bad, but I think it is time I gave him a serve. A few days ago he had Cameron Wurf on as a guest commentator. He introduced him as Cameron Meyer, a usual Tommo gaff. Cam took it all quite well, with just a wry smile and roll of the eyes. Then last night talking about “Dan Martin the Irishman, in fact he lives in England these days.” Come on Tommo, do your research. Dan Martin was born in England (Birmingham) and has always lived in England. He speaks with an English accent. His mother is Stephen Roches sister, so bit of Irish pedigree there. But his dad was Neil Martin, a Britiah pro. Dan has always lived and raced in England. In fact he tried to become part of the UK structure but they were not interested, so he took out an Irish license. Personally, I am glad we (being a paddy) have him. Tommo, do your research, believe it or not, it is your job, not mine.

So a new week, a new team and new hopes to be dashed for my tippers. I suspect I won’t be invited for dinner at Mrs Spunkers place after the redraw. She was doing well for the last 2 weeks, but I suspect her fall from grace has began. The opposite could be said for the other 2 teams jostling at the top, Heartthrobs01 and Heartthrobs04. They both did well in the redraw and I wonder if we are looking at a battle to emulate what will hopefully be the battle between Froome and Bardet over the next 2 nights. But sure fire winners have often come up short when the final points are allocated, we shall see after Sunday. At the bottom Dai the Kilt is still gamely hanging on for the last place prize of $80. But with Aru in his new team he may be picking up a few points over the next 2 nights. Big mover was Fat lasses at the back up 65 places to sneak into the top 100. But with Quintana fatigued and cracking I wonder if many more points will be coming her way.

If you haven’t watched much of the tour yet then I suggest the next 2 nights should offer up some exciting viewing. This is the closest tour in years for both the yellow and the green jerseys. Giddy up!